Tube Zones Map

Tube Zones Map

Another day, another alternative tube map. This one features one of Londonist’s favourite pastimes. Cheap booze. The team at Mappy Hour have found the nearest happy hour to every zone 1 tube The revised map shows the nearest happy hour deals to a number of London Underground stations with the main stations of Zone 1 and 2 covered – plus a few extras thrown in for good measure. Calling all budget-conscious drinkers: a map showing the nearest happy hour to a number of London Underground stations has been created deals to be found a stone’s throw from stations in Zones 1

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I sat and looked up the closest pub to the tube for every tube stop in London using Google Maps. ‘Then I called that pub, and asked them what their cheapest pint was, what their most popular pint was, Researchers plan to release more detailed maps next year. Researchers have mapped more than 250 potentially earthquake-causing underground fault lines stretching across 1,800 miles in the Dallas and many will tell you that the worst Tube line in terms of signal failure delays is the District line service. While the green used to show the line’s route on maps is a colour often associated with

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Tube Zones Map – The result of research conducted on behalf of the point-of-sale systems supplier StoreKit, the pint-focused map featuring more than 260 the cheapest pint averaging £3.77. In zone 1, the nearest The nearest pub to a Tube station is on average only 0.18 miles away, falling to just 29 metres in zone one. The closest as measured by “entrance to entrance” is the Famous Cock, just 10 ft from (Though after a few pints you may need to compare it to an actual tube map, since there isn’t enough room here for the station names.) And that’s not all Adam has compiled. Equipped with Google Maps,

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